Humming Bird

About Us


Since 2010 Helen Heath has made it her passion to help small businesses, organizations, and individuals find their purpose and define their presence on social media. Understanding the power of social media as a tool for branding, commerce, and influence, Helen knows every business is unique, and enjoys the challenge of helping clients create an online presence targeted to achieve the results central to success.

Passionate Marketing Experts

Hummingbird Social Media, LLC is a boutique advertising agency specializing in social media advertising and website creation for small and medium sized-businesses. With unparalleled expertise in growth strategies, targeted advertising, content curation, lead generation, as well as building networks from the ground up, we are eager to make your vision a reality with a social media strategy created just for you.

Services We Offer

We specialize in a number of services, including:
We are ready to work for you in developing social media marketing strategies that drive your business.

An Inspirational Note from Helen

When I founded Hummingbird Social Media, LLC I did it as a tribute to my late Dad who founded his business in 1978. Wanting to follow his example, putting customers first but not above family, and working hard to build a bright future, I launched Hummingbird. So, I dedicate this business to my Dad who would be up by 5a.m. daily to get a good start on the day and get out to the job early, but always took the time to enjoy family and watch the hummingbirds circle the feeder every summer on the homestead. ~Helen Heath, Founder and CEO Hummingbird Social Media, LLC